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Why Atomy

Why Atomy ?


Atomy Products


With the strategy of producing Daily Necessities of Absolute Quality at Absolute Prices for every household globally, the range of Atomy products has been increasing at an amazing rate.

With a 96% return-to-purchase-again rate, the experience of Atomy product users has been most gratifying.

With a 60-days product-return policy (yes, 60-days), the Confidence is certainly assuring.


We invite you to kindly make the switch …

Personal care, Beauty care, Health care, Home care, and Food items …

Switch to the Atomy range of products


Buy only whatever you need,

Use them with joy, and then

Share your experience with your loved ones and friends.



Atomy Business Opportunity


Almost all the Compensation Plans in the Network Marketing industry in the world reward mainly the top few people in the company (disproportionate top-heavy sharing of profits)

Thus, 5% of the top people, they earn 90% of the company’s pay-out, while the bottom 95% of the members have to share the remaining 10%.

This will actually result in an inverted pyramid (some see it as a pyramid), and can be very bad for the company in the long run.


Atomy is probably the only company that does not practise this.

Atomy wants all it’s members to do well, and for the company to go on and on.

And the well-balanced and righteous Atomy Compensation Plan clearly demonstrates this mission.



Why do Atomy business ?

  • Many Jobs getting obsolete (eg F&B, retail, factories, transport, etc)

  • Passive income source

  • Global business (single ID only)  

  • Can help others achieve success

  • No start up costs

  • Can be transferred down 2 generations

  • Contribute to Charity

  • Casual, no stock taking, no need to carry stock when travelling to other country

  • Atomy leadership recognized & respected globally

       (CEO Park Han-Gil featured in Fortune and Forbes magazines)

  • Atomy is the true future of global business.



Employment   vs   Atomy

     Employment                    Atomy

*Have a Boss                  ..  No Boss

*Time-in / time-out           ..  Work when you can/want

*Time is controlled           ..  You control your time.

*Travel to & from work     ..  Work from home/anywhere

*Miss family events          ..  Able to attend them all

*Promotion is difficult       ..  Can be promoted anytime

*No work, no pay             ..  No work, still have commissions

*Worry about layoffs        ..  No such worries

*Retire, no more income  ..  Passive income



Atomy  vs  Others

It is NOT a Pyramid Scheme !

No sign-up fee

No maintenance fee

No annual fee

No purchase of start-up kits

No req’mt to make monthly personal purchases

No minimum order quantities

No need to sell products

No website fee

No auto monthly purchases

Unlimited downline leverage

Only 1 purchase req’d per year

60-days buy back guarantee

Commission Income Cap

Single Global ID


The above comparison with other NM companies may seem unbelievable, but it’s true.


If you’re unemployed, or

you’re in need an extra source of income, or

you’re a baby-boomer anxiously approaching retirement & very concerned about what’s (left) in your CPF account …

We invite you to join the Atomy business … at no investment Cost at all !!



Atomy is re-writing the history of Network Marketing.

Take the leap of faith, and start your entrepreneurship journey with us.

We work together, learn together, succeed together, and shall meet at the Top.

For further info, please visit


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