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Global Sourcing Global Sales


The GSGS strategy is adopted to help Atomy become a Global Distribution Hub.


High quality consumer products in every country it advances into are sought out and sold through it’s distribution channels, at the most affordable prices, benefitting consumers globally.


This way, not only the consumers enjoy the best-quality benefits, but the economies of the countries where the products are sourced will also benefit.


Many countries are very keen in getting their products marketed and listed in the Atomy platform, but the Absolute Quality Absolute Price philosophy is very stringently applied.


Some examples      …  

      Taiwan       (Sandwich Laver)

      Japan         (Eye Lutein)

      Cambodia   (Black Pepper)

      Mexico        (Avocado Oil)

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*GSGS cartoon …

*GSGS Strategy : Jacklyn (2020oct) (4:55) …

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