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Compensation Plan


Most people must sell their services and abilities in exchange for a wage or salary ( Working !)

Most live paycheck to paycheck, and unable to retire.

In Atomy’s system, all Consumers are given the opportunity to create their own wealth, if they choose to do so.

The Consumer has the power of distribution, and is given the ability to create capital with little to no liability !

You are in complete control of creating your own Passive Income !


Atomy  vs Others

      It is NOT a Pyramid Scheme !

      No sign-up/registration fee

      No monthly maintenance fee

      No annual fee

      No purchase of start-up kits

      No need to make monthly personal purchases

      No minimum order quantities

      No need to sell products

      No auto monthly purchases 

      Unlimited downline leverage

      Only 1 purchase required per year

      60-days return policy

      Commission Income Cap

      Single Global ID


The Binary Compensation Plan adopted by Atomy, is the most modern Compensation Plan, and is being used by most Network Marketing companies today.


Under the Atomy Binary Compensation Plan, you’ll be assigned two legs, the Right and the Left side, for your two main downline partners.

And every subsequent partner sponsored will be placed below those two.


The person (upline) who referred you to Atomy is your Sponsor.

The person (downline) you introduce into Atomy is your Partner.

Every member is somebody’s Sponsor or Partner … a united Team of like-minded people.


Each time the sales volume of both legs gets matched at a particular qualifying amount (based on the leg with the lesser volume), you’ve earned yourself a nice commission.


Sales volume is based on a unique unit known as Point Value (PV).

Every item/product carries a Cash value (what you pay) and an associated PV (what you earn).

PV is used as a basis for determining the level of Commission Payments for members.


The purchases that you personally make contributes to your Personal PV (PPV), which determines the level of commission that you earn.

This quantity does not get zeroized, and continues to be accumulated perpetually.


Personal PV

: is what you get when you buy Atomy products for your own use

: will NOT earn you any money

: used only to determine your ranking (general commission level)

: there is no time limit to acquire PPVs (as fast, or as slow, as you like)

: once acquired, PPV will stay with you for life (it means that once you reach a certain rank,  

  you cannot be ‘demoted’.


The total sum of the purchases that are made by all the downline partners in your Group is known as your Group PV (GPV).

The GPV for every member is totalled and evaluated every day at 23:00 local SIN time.

When target values stipulated in the Atomy Compensation Plan are attained and matched, a commission will be credited, and the GPV will be zeroized.

GPVs will start to accumulate again from the following day, until another commission is earned.

Depending on the rate of GPV accumulation, it is possible to earn a commission daily.


Group PV

: when members below you in your group buy Atomy products, their PPVs become your GPV

: you are entitled to receive GPVs from …

   Members below you to unlimited levels

   Members below you in any country (global)

   Timeless – Forever (as long as your membership is active)


PPV/GPV/Commission is calculated Daily (except Sundays and 01jan) at 23:00.

Commission pay-outs paid every Tuesday.


Sources of Income  ... 

General Commission: 44% of total global PV

Mastership Bonus                   20 %

Education Center Bonus         6 %

   ( 30 %  Company share of Profits )


There are 8 levels of General Commissions.

And also 7 levels of Mastership Bonuses.


The policy of having a General Commission Capping level ($1500 per day) ensures a fair distribution of profits.

This avoids the situation that commonly occurs in many other Network Marketing companies, that is, the 5% of the top people earning 90% of the company’s pay-out, while the bottom 95% of the members have to share the remaining 10%.

Commission Plan

                    PPV       GPV      Comm

                    10k        300k        $25

                    300k      300k        $75

                    700k      700k        $150

                    1.5m      1.5m        $300

                    2.4m      2.4m        $450

                                  6.0m        $700

                                  20.0m      $1250

                                  50.0m      $1500


"GPV" above refers to per Leg.

"Comm" above refers to per Day.

GPV accumulated with no time lines, no expiry date, until a commission pay-out is made.

Other NM companies .. if GPV expire at end of month, and if PVs are say L-250 / R-310, tendency will be to top up LHS to 300, so as not to waste opportunity.

    Result  →  stock piling occurs.



Commission  vs  GPV

    PPV       L-GPV      R-GPV     Comm

    10k           300k          300k          $25

                ( ≈ $900      ≈ $900 )                  

                        ( $1,800 )      →       $25      

                                          1.4 % (Cashback)


   300k           300k          300k         $75

                 ( ≈ $900       ≈ $900 )                  

                          ( $1,800 )    →        $75      

                                          4.2 % (Cashback)

            Cashback with no capital outlay !


For further information, please visit


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