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F A  Q

Is there a Joining/Registration fee ?

No, there is no joining fee for signing up with Atomy.

(Any person claiming to charge for joining or taking registration fees shall be punishable as per company policy & norms. All complaints in this regard may be brought immediately to the notice of the Management of Atomy.)


Is there a yearly membership Maintenance fee?

No. You can maintain your membership as long as you buy any product in Atomy official shopping malls within a year.

Why must one register for membership to be able to make purchases ?

In the event that a product needs to be returned, there is a validation process to ascertain genuine Atomy product (not bought from a different source, and possibly fake) ; membership ID and order number will be matched.

Registration process requires a referral Sponsor - How to find ?

Get in touch with the person who introduced you to Atomy. He/she will provide you with a Sponsor ID.

What is a Consumer member ?

A Consumer member just intends to use the Atomy products, will introduce to friends and relatives, and is not interested in earning any passive income from the sharing.

What is a Distributor/Agent member ?

He/she is a Consumer member who is willing to enjoy the benefits of earning a commission/passive income.

The difference between the 2 is in the Registration process.

In Singapore, the IC details are legally required additionally.

Different rules apply in different countries.

What is a Couple member ?

A married couple must be active in one account (code) only, and divided into a main operator and a secondary (subsidiary) operator. Any commission earned will be paid to the main member only.


What are the conditions to keep my membership ?

You can maintain your membership if you make at least 1 purchase in a year.

(This means that you only have to buy one set of toothbrushes a year to maintain your membership.)


What is the Delivery Fee ?

Online purchases in excess of $130 sgd enjoy free delivery, within 3 working days.

For purchases less than that, a delivery fee of $10 sgd will apply.

Pick-ups from Lifestyle Centers are free of charge.

What is PV ?

PV means Point Value, and it is the point assigned to each product. It is the standard to calculate the score for general commissions and mastership bonuses.

You start to accumulate PPV (Personal PV) when you start making purchases.

You start to accumulate GPV (Group PV) when your downline partners start making purchases.

When will I start to get my first general commission ?

When the GPV in each of the L and R legs reach a minimum of 300,000 PV.

In Singapore, this roughly equates to about S$900 minimum in each of the L and R legs.

The time required depends on the effort put in.

For greater details, please refer to the section on Compensation Plan.

How often are general commissions paid ?

They are paid into the nominated bank account every Tuesday.

What is Atomy Education Center ?

Also referred to as a Lifestyle Center, it is a training center operated by a qualified Center Manager for the purpose of Networking and Education.

It can also be a point to pick up your purchasers, if desired.


What is Mastership ?

We distribute the mastership bonus according to mastership rankings. Please refer to the link below for details.


What is the Strategy for the Products of the company ?

Masstige : Absolute Quality, Absolute Price

Is the Atomy business sustainable ?

Yes ! … Because everyone is a possible Atomy product consumer … anyone who has hair, skin, teeth, clothes to wash, a body to care for, a home to live in and maintain, etc … there’s a product for everyone.

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