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CP Article

Compensation  Plan

The Binary Compensation Plan adopted by Atomy, is the most modern Compensation Plan,  and is being used by most Network Marketing companies today.

Under the Atomy Binary Compensation Plan, you’ll be assigned two legs, the Right and the Left side, for your two main downline partners.

And every subsequent partner sponsored will be placed below those two.

Just 2 Legs ... Unlimited Levels .. Simple.

Each time the group sales volume of both legs gets matched at a particular qualifying amount (based on the leg with the lesser volume), you’ve earned yourself a nice commission.


Sales volume is based on a unique unit known as Point Value (PV).

Every item/product carries a Cash value (what you pay), and an associated PV (used as a basis for determining the level of Commission Payments).

When a member makes a purchase of an Atomy product, the PV generated benefits his upline associates as well ; the accumulation of PVs from a group is therefore exponential, especially fast when every member pulls their own weight.

When you join Atomy as a Distributor, you are basically setting up your own global online eCommerce business, using the Atomy Shopping Mall platform.

Using Atomy's Teamwork philosophy of 

Super Synergy of United Hearts

you're doing business for yourself, but not by yourself.



We hope Atomy can become the life partner that leads to your success.


For detailed explanation of CP, please click on 

If you’re not making money while you’re asleep,

you’ll be working until the day you die. 

                                                 (Warren Buffett)

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