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Atomy, the Company

Atomy … the Company


Established in 2009, Atomy is a Network Marketing company,

that conducts Direct Sales in 18 different regions (as of Nov2020), including South Korea HQ.

Atomy is a registered member of the Direct Selling Association of Singapore.


We are growing at a rapid pace (13.9% in 2019) by implementing a consumer-oriented strategy that adheres to the principles of Absolute Quality Absolute Price.

Absolute Quality means a quality that no one can match at a certain price-point, and

Absolute Price means the lowest possible price for the same quality.


According to World Federation Direct Selling Global Ranking (released @ 2020june),  Atomy ranked #11 in 2020 (was ranked #20 in 2019).


Currently, Atomy’s membership globally is more than 10 million members, and 2019 revenues have surpassed $1.3 billion USD (Amway $8.4B, Herbalife $4.9B, Avon $4.6B).


We are also solidifying the foundation for sustainable growth by focusing on our forward-thinking goal of Customer Success, and fostering three key corporate cultures :

Observing Principles, Growing Together, and Sharing.


At Atomy, we select favourable products that are higher in quality, at more reasonable prices, and sell them through distribution channels that can compete with department stores, discount stores, home shopping networks, and online shopping.

In other words, we find products that are more competitive in Quality and Price than similar products distributed through other channels for our customers’ benefits.

Through this strategy, we promise to achieve our ultimate goal of “Surpassing Customer Satisfaction to Customer Success.


Atomy products have grown in it’s Korean birthplace, starting with just two products …

HemoHIM and Atomy SkinCare6 System.

Now there are 400-500 products listed in the Korean Atomy Shopping Mall.


Atomy’s products come from the collaboration of two companies …

The Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) and KOLMAR Korea.



*Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (a prestigious government-funded organisation)

*Radiation Technology


*originated from the Kolmar Group (est’d in Milwaukee, Wisconson, in 1921)

*the biggest Korean Pharmaceutical contract manufacturer (Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Functional Health Foods)

*specialize in R&D, and doing its utmost effort to improve human health and beauty, aiming to make our lives more valuable.           

*Nano Technology


*joint venture between KAERI (RT) and KOLMAR Korea ($$$ + NT)

*specialize in BeautyNHealth products (Bio Technology)

*ODM/OEM to many well-known brands (Shiseido, Amway, Lancome, Avon, etc)

*“HemoHIM” is the flagship health product, exclusively produced for Atomy

*“Absolute CellActive SkinCare” is exclusive flagship skincare product for Atomy.

*listed in KOSDAQ


 KAERI  (R/T)  +  KOLMAR  (N/T )  

           =   KOLMAR BNH


Company Mottos

* Cherish the Spirit

People are the most precious beings.

We were created in God's image and should never be used as a means to an end.

We should always be considered valuable. 

* Create the Vision

The most accurate way to predict the future is to plan for it ourselves.

We must take this initiative in our own thinking so that we may be in charge of our own future.

* Follow the Faith

It is not difficult to have faith in the things that are visible, but the faith we pursue is believing in things we cannot see.

This genuine faith in an unseen vision has the power to inspire action toward a desirable future.

* Serve in Humility

Humility is the most valuable virtue.

Our thoughts should reach to the sky, but our feet should remain on the ground.

If we can remain humble even after achieving our goals, we will earn the respect of others.


3 Cultures of Atomy

Atomy strives to be a premier company by adhering to our three cultures: Observing Principles, Growing Together, and Sharing. Together, these cultures form the foundation for Atomy to become a 100-year company.
• The culture of Observing Principles inspires Atomians to adhere to principles to benefit all members of society.
• The culture of Growing Together helps members, consumers, and local communities benefit from win-win partnerships.
• The culture of Sharing is a way of communicating and showing love toward others.


Management Objectives

Customers' Success

Customers are not simply a means for Atomy - they are the ultimate goal.

The "Philosophy of Cow vs. Baby" best describes Atomy's mindset toward our customers.

The reason people tend cows is not for the cows' sake, but for the purpose of obtaining milk.

However, when a parent cares for their baby, it is for the baby's own well-being; they do not expect anything in return.

Likewise, we hope to go beyond just satisfying our customers to helping them succeed for their own good.

We want them to achieve success as consumers and/or business owners through Atomy.

Distribution Hub

Atomy aims to become a world distribution hub—the central unit of a distribution network.

To achieve this goal, Atomy is creating a competitive advantage by enabling a direct and effective connection between manufacturers and consumers worldwide.

Our Global Sourcing Global Sales (GSGS) strategy will help us seek out high-quality products that meet our Absolute Quality Absolute Price standard, and offer them to consumers globally.

Premier Company

Atomy aims to be a Premier Company - the best of the best.

"Honesty and Goodness is the Best Strategy" is a philosophy that describes our corporate values.

We want our employees to always be honest and loyal to our members as providers of quality products at reasonable prices, and we will continue to develop programs to foster creative individuals who will produce added value based on solid conscientious and moral standards.


The product philosophy behind Atomy is to provide Absolute Quality and Absolute Price that is unbeatable.

Absolute Quality means a quality that no one can match at a certain price-point, and

Absolute Price means the lowest possible price for the same quality. 


Atomy members are encouraged, and given lots of opportunity, to share experiences and knowledge.

The Success Academy, One-Day Seminars, LifeStyle Education Centers, Ch-Atomy videos on demand, are just examples of avenues for personal development.

Additional info can be found in the following links ….


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