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… flagship product Atomy

… result of 8 yrs scientific research

… is a functional health supplement, developed to boost one’s immune system.

… developed primarily to help in the recovery process of scientists who worked in a high-radiation environment, or were recovering from chemotherapy-type treatments.

 … all ingredients used in this product have been individually approved by the relevant authorities to ensure safe consumption.

 … $138 / 60 packets / 54,600 pv


HemoHIM  meaning  :      

Hemo  →  Hemoglobin

     H    →  Hematopoiesis  (form'n of blood)

      I     →  Immune

      M   →  Modulation

 “HIM”  …  “Strength” in Korean


The NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) has 16 articles on HemoHIM.


HemoHIM in Singapore is approved as Chinese Proprietary Medicine (CPM) by HAS.



For further info, please visit ….


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